June 24, 2015

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Introducing the Korean Bibimbap Rice Bowl

"Ranked by CNN Travel as one of the top 40 dishes in the world to try."

Summertime. Time for outdoor dining and a laid back attitude. The Earls Chef Collective has been busy for the past several months, both creating and perfecting new dishes for summer, so there is nothing laid back about their commitment to culinary creativity. Back in January, they were dreaming about summer and testing dishes at the Test Kitchen location. In March, Earls Flagship Locations launched three new dishes to the core menu and two to the brunch menu. And now, for all of the remaining locations, the successes from those tests are available at all Earls. Check your local Earls menu for full details.

The dish with all the star power is an Earls take on a traditional Korean rice bowl: Earls Korean Bibimbap Rice Bowl. Created by Earls Chef David Wong and inspired from the signature Korean dish where a sizzling stone bowl is brought to the table and all the ingredients are combined before the guests’ eyes. Bibimbap literally translates as “mixed rice”.

The unique presentation has made the dish world renowned and emulated across the globe. In 2011, the Bibimbap was ranked by CNN Travel as one of the top 40 dishes in the world to try.

It also breaks an Earls record with the most ingredients of any of the dishes on the menu with a whopping 16 ingredients, which pay homage to its traditional Korean roots. Pickled vegetables, soy ginger vinaigrette, and a spicy fermented chili sauce are all held together by a softly poached egg. Adding marinated proteins is an option that guests can choose; it only enhances the dish. Mixed with both crispy and fluffy rice creates a taste that is unforgettable, not to mention addictive.

And as if that weren't enough, it's the table-side presentation that steals the show. When the piping hot Bibimbap bowl is presented, the only question the guest needs to answer is how spicy they would like it. Only then does the appropriate amount of sauce get added. At that point, the server, using two spoons, pierces the poached egg to pull it apart and begins mixing it in with the pickled vegetables and rice below, constantly pushing the rice against the sides of the bowl to ensure it is crispy. You can actually hear it sizzle. As the server finishes mixing, the guest is told to allow the dish an additional 30 seconds for the rice to crisp to perfection before enjoying.

A delight to witness and quick to become the dish you'll be craving.  Chef David Wong tells the story in this video.


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