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Steak Redemption – Earls thinks it’s time for the perfect steak experience


Steak. We take the guess work out.

Whether you like your steak grilled to a nice char, cooked to a perfect medium rare, slathered in mushrooms or left just plain and simple, steak is a visceral experience that we crave. For some it’s a special occasion but at Earls we think it should be more of an everyday experience. That’s why Earls has taken the guess work out of ordering steak.

Only the best.

To start we buy only the best. We start with Certified Angus beef and then our in-house buyers choose just the top 3rd of those steaks for Earls. Fresh, never frozen the steaks are delivered to each of our restaurants where they are marinated in a special house made, all natural rub that makes them even more tender.

Our Marinade. 

Organic gluten free soya, fresh lemon, garlic, porcini mushroom powder and a hint of cayenne are added to extra virgin olive oil. Then we take fresh basil, rosemary and Italian parsley and chop it fine. Combined this marinade adds tenderness and a flavor that’s unique only to an Earls steak. And that’s just the beginning.

Cooking the perfect steak.   

We designed our kitchens with some pretty state-of-the art cooking equipment and one of those is an infrared grill made to cook the perfect steak. With the extra hot heat of these grills we sear our steaks fast, sealing in all the tenderness, juice and favour then we relax and turn down the heat as our chefs take your steak and make it yours. Whether you like your steak rare, medium rare or well done, our chefs cook it just the way you like it.

 Side dishes.

One of the things that make for a classic steak experience is the sides. At Earls we give you lots of fresh, made from scratch choices from a crisp cold Caesar salad, to fresh seasonal vegetables, to our famous “Smashed potato” –  you choose any two sides from our selection of side dishes.

 Let’s raise a glass.   

Earls has some pretty great wines and beers to go with our steaks. An ice cold Stella might be your perfect mate, or a glass of one of our excellent selections of local and international wines.

 The king of steaks.   

At Earls we think it’s always steak time so we offer a selection of New York’s, Sirloins and Filet’s throughout the year but right now, for a limited time, Earls is cooking up the king of steaks and offering it at a special price. A 16 oz Rib Eye, grilled to order and served with a choice of two sides for just $30 – now until May 21st at all Earls Kitchen + Bar locations.

Join our Twitter Party, Thursday May 2 at 7pm pacific standard time and let’s talk steak!

We’ll be live tweeting from Earls kitchens with the folks at Canada Beef about making great steak choices and we’ll be answering your questions about Earls great steak program. Follow us @earlsrestaurant and follow/use the hash tags #SteakRedemption #LoveCDNbeef to join the conversation

Let us know you are joining us by RSVPing at http://ow.ly/kEcq0  and you could win one of five $100 Earls gift cards we are giving away.  Tweet a minimum of 3 times, including #SteakRedemption and #LoveCDNbeef in your tweets between 7-8 PST tonight and we will enter you into a random draw for a $100 gift card!

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