About Us

How do you create one of North America's most beloved restaurant group?

The same way you create a culinary masterpiece: an idea that becomes an experiment that becomes a recipe people fall in love with.

1 : Start with purpose. (Our values)

We love hospitality and all that it entails and our business is to bring all of that together in one place. We are inspired by the world around us - both near and far; from chefs in London, to farmers in our local regions, our partners and inspirations inform our choices and our offer to you. Our purpose is to bring the best of everything to our guests.

We believe in people living large purposeful lives, filled with fun.

2 : Make great food + drinks. (our food)

The tradition of Earls is centred on dishes that make people want to come back for more: house-made sauces, locally-sourced ingredients, and now, innovative chef-led experiments that are getting the industry's attention through the Earls Chef Collective.

Photo representing Earls culture

3 : Keep a great vision alive. (Our people)

Some 30 years ago, Leroy Earl Fuller and his son Stanley Earl Fuller had a simple idea: a laid-back burger & beer joint. When the restaurant started, there was no question about what the name would be. It had to be called Earls.

Leroy "Bus" Fuller Founder + Chairman
Earls’ early success was based on innovation, the best ingredients and great service.

Leroy Earl "Bus" (short for Buster, a childhood nick name) Fuller, the patriarch of Earls, was born in 1928 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Bus first entered the restaurant business a few years after he was wounded in the Korean War, opening coffee shops and cafes that served the local farmers of Montana. In the late fifties Bus moved his young, growing family to Canada settling in Edmonton owning and operating a series of early A&W franchises, later expanding to 30 locations as well as steakhouse concepts. The family moved to West Vancouver, BC in the seventies.

In 1982 Bus and his eldest son Stanley opened the first Earls restaurant on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, AB. With their home base in BC, they opened their second location in North Vancouver in June of 1984. The corporate head office was just down the street.

Earls’ early success was based on innovation; the best ingredients and great service. Burgers were made fresh, to order and from scratch (a concept unheard of back in the early eighties). Beer was from small craft brewers, wine from family wineries and table service was warm, friendly and professional – all with an affordable price point that attracted young singles and families.

While the younger brothers finished school, Earls success caught on growing to seven locations and Stan took a year off to travel the culinary capitals of Europe returning with concepts never tried before in casual restaurants. Real parmesan cheese, tomato sauce made in house from fresh San Marzano tomatoes, and bread made from scratch and baked in Forno ovens. The culinary inspiration trips continue to this day; noodle dishes learned in Asia, fish taco’s right from the grill in Mexico, bright fresh chicken and avocado dishes inspired by trips to California and our house made pasta sauces from Italy. The cuisine at Earls may have  gotten more sophisticated over the years, but it remains true to the early visions of Bus and Stan – an approachable place locals dine for lunch daily, friends meet after work, and families celebrate.

The entrepreneurial legacy that Bus created continued through the generations and as the Fuller boys started their own families and all became successful in their own rights in various restaurant concepts. Earls has remained a leader in the restaurant industry and one of North America’s most successful private, family owned restaurant groups. 

After decades of hands-on dedication to his restaurant empire, Bus remains involved in key decision making as Chairman, but also spends his well-earned leisure time in the Arizona sunshine or with a fishing line in the water.

Mo Jessa President
Mo was promoted to President of the company, 25 years after his start as a prep cook.

When Mo Jessa walks into the room people smile and he smiles back. As President of Earls Kitchen + Bar, a 62 location restaurant group owned by the Fuller Family Group in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada there’s a reason he smiles. It’s because Mo is a great guy who decided early in his life to have a better life – and he shares his success with the people he works with every day. 

Mo wasn’t always the big man on campus, in fact, 25 years ago he was low man on the pole – in restaurant speak, as a junior overnight prep cook while working his way through university. Someone saw the potential in him, told him to go back to school but come on back when he had that degree. Working summers became full time; promotions came along and in 1991, while working as a senior cook, Mo returned to school taking his Red SealCertificate/Journeyman Chef papers. He went on to be sous chef and eventually chef of various Earls’ restaurants in Alberta and in 1995 was transferred to BC as Regional Chef overseeing five locations. In 2000, Mo became Executive Chef of Earls Restaurants Ltd, taking over from then Chef, Chuck Currie. In 2004, Mo was promoted to Vice President, Operations where he oversaw the companies’ growth in Canada and the US and in 2013 Mo was promoted to President of the company – 25 years after his start as a prep cook.

Mo continues to work alongside Earls’ owner Stan Fuller to ensure Earls well-loved brand continues to deliver irresistible food and engaging experiences to all their guests, while overseeing current and new locations in both Canada and the US.  

Stan Fuller Founder + CEO
Inspired by what he learned Earls started serving imported olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a dip for bread, well ahead of the global trend.

Stanley Earl Fuller is the eldest of four sons of Earls founder Leroy Earl (Bus) Fuller. Born in Edmonton and raised and schooled in Vancouver, Stan grew up in the restaurant business with his father part of the early Canadian franchise of A&W Restaurants as well as owning coffee shops and restaurants. Stan’s first job, at age 12, was as a dishwasher in one of his father’s steakhouses and he continued work in the family business on school holidays and during university. 

Committed to learning every aspect of the business before eventually taking the reins as President of Earls, Stan also committed himself to learning all about food and wine taking an 18-month culinary sabbatical around the world. Inspired by what he learned, Earls started serving imported olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Italy as a dip for bread, well ahead of the global trend. Employees tested tomatoes from around the world to find the most flavourful varieties, genuine Italian Grana Padano became standard, and wood-fired Forno ovens were installed. Today they continue to be ahead of the trends as the chefs travel the world for inspiration and ingredients and guest chefs visit the test kitchen bringing fresh innovations to share with Earls' culinary team. 

Earls restaurants got its start over 30 years ago, conceived during the disastrous high-interest rate climate of the early eighties. At the time, the Fuller restaurants were taking a big hit, many of them lost to the economy and business partners.  They regrouped, applied what they had learned from owning fast casual burger restaurants and steak houses and took what was a simple formula of great food, interesting menus and really well training staff and elevated it to a level never done before in casual dining. Burgers that were cooked from scratch, top ingredients for their pasta dishes from Italy, a micro brewer hired to craft Earls signature beer - they were the first restaurant to carry craft beer in Canada. They had the best wine list in town at the best prices and they introduced fun, authentic ethnic dishes to many diners.

Earls has now grown to 62 restaurants and remains a private, family-owned business. It is not a franchise. 57 of the restaurants are in Canada, 5 are in the US with more US locations coming soon.

Stan’s own passion for great food is what continues to drive Earls to new heights of quality and creativity. He has been largely responsible for creating the corporate culture that makes Earls a standout concept and continues to safeguard those standards and values as he, along with Earls President Mo Jessa, guides the family business into new markets.

4 : Make a repeatable recipe for success. (The Earls Experience)

Earls is not a franchise, it’s a family-owned business. We welcome people into the Earls Experience (aka our culture). We grow by ensuring our people can too.

The Earls Experience

The Earls Experience is our culture and we live large and with purpose and fun. We believe in the gifts of being present, providing non-judgemental feedback, catching people doing things right and creating empowerment to build trust and commitment. Learn more

People Grow Here

People are the heart of our business. They bring the soul, magic and logic into what they do every day. They are driven by continuous learning and personal mastery to become their best selves.Through the Vision + Goals program, our people dream BIG and make bold declarations for what they want in life. We’re also big on leadership development so it’s how our people move their career forward at Earls. Learn More

Developing Leaders

No matter what your title is, anyone can be a leader at Earls. Leadership is our (not so) secret sauce that fuels the Earls Experience. Make sure to check out our Leadership Log to see what we stand for. We invest in leadership by putting all partners through our three-part flagship leadership development program. Our people are empowered to hone their leadership skills to effectively lead onwards and upwards. Learn more

5 : Make history. (Timeline)

Some 30 years ago, Leroy Earl Fuller and his son Stanley Earl Fuller had a simple idea: a laid-back burger and beer joint.  When the restaurant started, there was no question about what the name would be, it had to be called Earls. The restaurant quickly took off because, well, who would say no to burgers and beer? A lot has changed since the early days. But Earls is still a family business and it's filled with people who are genuinely passionate about great food and drinks served in an inviting environment. 


Photo about Earls in 1954

Bus Fuller opens his first restaurant called "Green & White" in Sunburst, Montana U.S.A



Stan Fuller gains inspiration from other cultures while travelling and re-imagines the guest experience.

Photo about Earls in 1980

Bus sells Quality Food Ltd. and begins looking for another restaurant adventure.

Photo about Earls in 1981

Earls Tin Palace opens its first location on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta in one of the old "Green & White" restaurant spaces.

Photo about Earls in 1982

Earls North Vancouver Tin Palace opens with parrots on the roof, just like the Tin Palace in Edmonton.

Photo about Earls in 1983

Drive Towards Complexity – Earls begins to change its menu from only burgers and beers and starts to offer dishes inspired by trips around the world.

Photo about Earls in 1987


Photo about Earls in 1990

Bus and Stan Fuller begin expanding Earls across British Columbia and Alberta, both with their own restaurants and with franchise partners.



Earls begins exclusive partnership with Peter Lehmann Winery, creating the smash hit "Fuller’s Blend."

Photo about Earls in 2001

Earls Hornby opens – its overwhelming success creates a tidal wave of competition in premium fine dining in Downtown Vancouver.

Photo about Earls in 2006

Earls begins its expansion into Eastern Canada with the opening of Earls Square One in Mississauga, Ontario.

Photo about Earls in 2008



Earls King Street opens directly across the street from the Toronto Stock Exchange – immediately becomes busiest store in company history.

Photo about Earls in 2012

Mo Jessa, who started with the company in 1989 as a recruit, becomes President, the first person outside of the Fuller family to hold this position.

Photo about Earls in 2013

Earls expands to Dadeland in Miami and Assembly Row in Boston.

Photo about Earls in 2014

Our US expansion continues with two locations at Tysons Corner in Tysons, Virginia and New City in Chicago, Illinois.

Photo about Earls in 2015

6 : Be part of something bigger than yourself. (Community)

We see ourselves as neighbours. We're all part of communities that need not just a place to eat, but sometimes also a place to connect or even a helping hand. We encourage all of our team members to step outside the restaurant walls throughout the year and engage in community events or service projects. It's part of what we mean when we talk about purpose: being part of helping others by connecting with our communities.

7 : Invite the world over for dinner. (Contact + Media)

Growing across the United States and Canada with its unique offering of "upscale casual," the Earls movement is bringing it's soulful, people-centred magic to new cities each year. Earls continues to spark conversation wherever new locations open: "We've never had this kind of Canadian hospitality," they remark in Miami. Who knows where Earls will go next?

Contact Information:

Earls Head Office
#200 - 425 Carrall St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3, Canada
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