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#SteakRedemption Twitter Party & Google Hangout Recap!


We would love to thank everyone who was a part of @EarlsRestaurant & @loveCDNbeef #SteakRedemption Twitter Party and Google Hangout on Thursday May 2!

We were hosting the Twitter Party live from our Earls Yaletown location. Tweeting on behalf of @EarlsRestaurant was Cate Simpson, Communications & myself, Miko Bryson, Marketing + Customer Experience Coordinator.

We also had our BC East Regional Chef Cam Armstrong @ArmstrongCam answering some of the hottest steak questions!

The moderators of the chat: @ShesConnected, @CooCooforCookin, @CanadianBeef

The Google Hangout was such a great experience! If you didn’t get a chance to catch it, you can at http://ow.ly/kLogL

At the end of the Twitter Party we gave away $100 gift cards to five lucky participants!

We thought we would recap & highlight some of the Q&A in case you missed out…

Time certainly did fly by; we asked a total of 5 questions over the hour and got some great responses!

Q1        When it’s steak for dinner, who is cooking the steaks in your house? 

@1_darrah: @earlsrestaurant A1:Usually I season em, hubby cooks them on BBQ :) #steakredemption

Q2       What is your best tip for grilling steaks? 

@ArmstrongCam: @earlsrestaurant A2- Unbelievably high quality #beef, a smoking hot #grill, and balanced #seasoning #steakredemption

@carriesbig: Q2 don’t cheap out, buy a good quality steak #SteakRedemption

@julienowell: a2 Best tips for grilling- have a great view & eat with good friends! #steakredemption


Q3       How do you take your steak – black & blue, medium, charcoal?  Everyone has a different preference!

@PowerbyMomBlog: @earlsrestaurant medium rare or rare. at Earls rare because I know it will done right #SteakRedemption

@CertAngusBeef: chefs here say medium rare, and salt/pepper all that’s needed for great @certangusbeef flavor!
Q4       Steak is great on its own, we know, but marinades are also amazing! What is
your fave steak prep recipe?

@ArmstrongCam: @earlsrestaurant very simple for me. quality #oliveoil, #garlic, #maldonsalt, #rosemary, #crusheddriedpeppers, #blackpepper #steakredemption

@Miss_Elles: @earlsrestaurant My fave prep is picking up the phone & calling 204-975-1845 (Earls Polo Park Winnipeg) to make a reservation #SteakRedemption


Q5       What beverage would you order with a 16 oz. bone-in Rib Steak? Are you a wine aficionado or a beer rebel?

@coocooforcookin: @earlsrestaurant beer is my choice but a nice red wine is a wonderful flavor combo too #steakredemption

@StephanieWarthe: @earlsrestaurant Q5: Love beer & steak together! Great steak makes everything you have with it taste even better, IMO! #steakredemption

@ArmstrongCam: @earlsrestaurant for me, nothing better than a glass(or bottle) of #murphygoode #cabernet #sauvignon @catesimpsonpr

@mommykatandkids: @nugglemama Stella is a great choice; one of my faves too! #SteakRedemption

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