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at Vancouver Craft Beer Week May 31 – June 9th , 2013

 Microbrews, local to each region, reflect the commitment to all things fresh at Earls

 In a commitment to promoting microbreweries across North America, Earls Restaurants is pleased to sponsor the Vancouver Craft Beer Week. Join us under the tent June 7th and 8th for a Rhino Craft Beer flight and Lobster Roll fresh off the grill. http://www.vancouvercraftbeerweek.com/events/friday-june-7th-2013/

 Defined as small-batch beer made by independent, traditional breweries, craft beer is free of preservatives and stabilizers and created to be served shortly after brewing and bottling. Keeping craft beers local ensures freshness as well as offering unique flavour profiles distinct to each region.

Beverage Director Cameron Bogue (Advanced WSET Level 3), who oversaw the selection of beers for Canada and the US, working with a tasting panel that included Chef Reuben Major, Director of Culinary Development, and George Piper, the longtime wine buyer for Earls, noted it was both an envious and difficult task. “With all the fantastic breweries across Canada and the US, it was very difficult to narrow down our favourite,” explained Bogue, “we conducted a blind taste test of nearly 200 beers in one afternoon alone looking to find the very best – the perils of my job!”

Microbrews are not new to Earls Restaurants, nor is the emphasis on great quality beers. Earls broke ground as the first restaurant in Canada to offer draught beer back in 1982, when only bars and taverns could offer it (Alberta’s Drummond Brewing). That same year Earls first location in Edmonton was again ahead of the curve by creating Rhino, their own house craft beer (made then by Big Rock) while microbreweries were still in their infancy. Five years later Whistler Brewing Co. took over as the microbrewery producing the Earls iconic house brand in the west and with the 2009 move into Ontario, Muskoka Brewing took over as the house microbrew in the east. Both Whistler and Muskoka also create new seasonal flavours for Earls throughout the year.

In British Columbia Earls offers  Phillips Brewing Co. (Blue Buck Pale Ale, Slip Stream Cream Ale), Howe Sound Brewing Co. (Devil’s Elbow India Pale Ale, Four Way Fruit), Whistler Brewing Co. (Rhino house and seasonal beers), as well as bottled microbrews  by Whistler Brewing Co. (Whisky Jack Pale Ale, Grapefruit Ale)

Ontario – Muskoka Brewing Co. (Cream Ale, Summer Wheat, Mad Tom IPA) Mill Street Brewing Co. (Tankhouse Ale, Organic Lager) Steam Whistle Brewing Co. (Premium Pilsner) Rhino (three house beers plus seasonal beers)

Colorado – Breckenridge Brewery (Rhino Wheat, Rhino Pale Ale), New Belgium Brewery (Fat Tuesday, Ranger IPA, Seasonal)

Manitoba – Fort Garry Brewing Co. (Pale Ale, Dark Ale), Whistler Brewing Co. (Rhino house and seasonal beers)

Saskatchewan – Saskatoon Brewing (Pale Ale), Whistler Brewing Co. (Rhino house and seasonal beers)

Alberta – Alley Kat Brewing Co. (Aprikat), Big Rock (Traditional Ale), Whistler Brewing Co. (Rhino house and seasonal beers)

About Earls

Earls Restaurants opened the doors to their first customer in 1982 creating, then setting, the standard for a new casual fine dining concept in North America. Aiming for a target well above fast food, without the airs or prices of fine dining, Earls is fun and casual, offering great food and service at a great price. With 65 locations throughout Canada, Washington State and Colorado and soon (February 2014) Miami, Earls remains a family-owned restaurant group started by Leroy (Bus) Earl Fuller and now run by his son, Stan Earl Fuller. A chain that doesn’t act like a chain, each restaurant is carefully overseen by the Fuller family with menus and service of the same high standards, while every location offers a unique design, thinks independently and is part of the local community – supporting local suppliers and hiring local staff. Today Earls is a steward of casual culinary culture with a global menu that features local ingredients and an award-winning wine list. Earls is considered to be one of the best companies to work for in North America, voted Best 50 Employers in Canada. The restaurant group continues to grow with new locations opening in Canada and the US. For further information, visit www.earls.ca.


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