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Earls Restaurants go OceanWise

You may have noticed that familiar black and white logo  on our menus and probably thought “Did Earls change their fish??”

Earls goes Ocean Wise

Well, to answer your question… Nope!! It’s the same fish we’ve always had on our menu, because we’ve always thought it was the most sustainable way to go… and now OceanWise thinks so, too. You’ll understand why we feel so proud about having made a good choice all along. Check out the video of Alym Hirji, Executive Chef at Earls above, as he takes us to the Vancouver Aquarium to discuss Ocean Wise!



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  • In BC we’re donating profits from our Sante Fe Salad going to @BreakfastCanada. To get an idea of what they do watch: ow.ly/BlnTO 21 hours ago
  • Oh Monday… 1 day ago
  • In BC we’ve partnered with @BreakfastCanada to donate profits from our Sante Fe Salad from Sept 13-20. http://t.co/cDxxDQOoXP 3 days ago
  • This weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of #bunch at Earls! What has been your favourite Earls brunch item? http://t.co/CxnpvfLtQy 4 days ago
  • At Earls, art is part of the experience. To see all 8 pieces of art on our menus check our Facebook Page: ow.ly/B3SUF 5 days ago

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