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A World Class Team of Chefs Working Collectively Creates New Inspiration For Chain Restaurant Cuisine

Chef Collective

The Earls Chef Collection Earls had always looked outside of the box for inspiration, whether that was in faraway lands, new ingredients and cooking methods, or local and visiting chefs. The guest chef program in the past had seen Vancouver’s top fine dining chef, an Iron Chef, award winning international chefs and world renowned ethnic chefs ...

Summer is Earls Kitchen + Bar

earls mediterranean calamari

A lot of great things happen in the summer. The days are summer-time long, the nights are stay-out-late warm. Patio’s open up their big red umbrellas and welcome you in and Earls Kitchen + Bar serves up a whole new fresh summer menu. Our chefs have created appetizers so irresistible you’ll be dreaming about them and ...


earls dadeland miami artwork art collective

Some people choose art to fill a space, even add a dimension. At Earls, we choose art to fill our soul. Art is not just a splash of needed colour. Nor is it a collection. It is a living thing that inspires us as much as our food. At Earls, art is an ingredient. We start with ...

Earls Kitchen + Bar Opens First Airport Location

Earls Ft Mac new airport resto and takeout wide angle

May 30, 2014 - This weekend Northern Alberta’s Fort McMurray opens a new 15,000 square meter airport with a gala event for 600 guests, a ceremony featuring Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield as master of ceremonies, as well as performances by iconic Canadian musicians Randy Bachman and Fred Turner. The airport also marks the first airport ...

Earls Kitchen + Bar to open in Boston

Boston Assembly Row Exterior from side walkway Earls

SOMERVILLE, MA (May 29) – This September, Earls Kitchen + Bar, one of North America’s most successful independent restaurant groups, will open their first location in the Boston area. An “upscale casual” restaurant and bar with 65 locations in Canada and the United States, Earls Kitchen + Bar will make its Northeast debut in the city’s ...

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